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These fact sheets were specifically directed toward a form of the model bill introduced in the state of Missouri in 2010.


Fact Sheets

  1. Talking Points (one page)
  2. Mental Health Professionals on Screening for Risk Factors
  3. Five More Fact Sheets for Lobbying
  4. Major Outline of Facts Supporting Need for HB126

Abortion Politics—Better Advocacy for Women

  1. Curing An Aborted Vision: How Pro-Life Candidates Can Speak to the Heart
    In brief, a better, more compassionate way to talk about abortion on the campaign trail.
  2. National Post-Abortion Screening Survey
    This national poll shows most voters support screening for coercion and other risk factors.
  3. Reversing the Gender Gap: The Essential Guide for Pro-Life Candidates
    This pocketbook of facts, quotes, and talking points is the pro-woman/pro-life candidates' essential guide to understanding and articulating the a pro-woman/pro-life message. Talking points. Poll Results. Insights.
  4. Abortion decisions and the duty to screen: clinical, ethical, and legal implications of predictive risk factors of post-abortion maladjustment
    This law review article offers the most comprehensive review of the issues relating to negligent pre-abortion screening and the resulting problem of unwanted, unsafe, and unnecessary abortions.  Highly recommended.

Promoting Effort

  1. Letter to Legislator


Sworn Affidavits






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